Who we work with

  • Main partner

  • For the next five years, Tuborg will be the official beer sponsor of NorthSide. Music and Tuborg are closely linked, and therefore this new collaboration is a major sponsorship for  both NorthSide and Tuborg. We look forward to serving our guests cold Tuborg beers at the next five festivals!

  • Additional partners

  • NorthSide is supported by Aarhus City municipality.

    »We have a festival which has sunk its teeth in!«
    – Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor, Aarhus

  • NorthSide has established a strategic partnership with the young sustainability agency Worldperfect from Aarhus.

    »For a long time we’ve believed that the city needs a bit of courage to push the limits and try out new things. It seems the NorthSide initiative is a step in the right direction.«
    – Martin Thim, Partner, WorldPerfect

  • Verdens Skove is a Danish environmental organization working for the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s forests – both Danish forests and international rainforest. In 2013, Verdens Skove is also in charge of the Camino to NorthSide, which will have the rainforest as a theme. Thus, Northside wants to focus on the environment and conservation of our resources.

  • NorthSide and Spotify work closely, and through Spotify, you’ll find the playlist for NorthSide 2014. There will also be links to Spotify in our app.

  • NorthSide and Aarhus University puts together a focus on innovation and sustainability.

  • Fonden Aarhus 2017 supports NorthSide in creating a greener festival experience for the audience.

  • NorthSide is one of more than 70 festivals that are part of the European Festival Association ETEP (European Talent Exchange Program). ETEP is an initiative of the Noorderslag Foundation, which is behind the Dutch Eurosonic Festival, which aims to stimulate the circulation of European music festivals, radio, television and music magazines across borders. The members meet every year at Eurosonic, and since the formation in 2003, ETEP has helped to create 1,300 shows with around 500 different artists at festivals, who are members of ETEP.

  • NorthSide is one of more than 70 festivals that are part of the European Festival Association, Yourope. The association promotes cooperation and exchange of knowledge between European festivals and strive to improve working conditions and information exchange, health and safety regulations as well as raising environmental awareness and knowledge of the music industry across European borders.

  • 94 percent of the guests at NorthSide in 2012 were satisfied with our app, so for the second year in a row the official NorthSide app is developed  in collaboration with Green Copper, which in 2012 made ​​apps for about 100 different festivals and cultural events worldwide.

  • For the third year in a row, Epinion conducts the comprehensive audience survey, which is an important element in NorthSide’s ambition of involving the users in the development of the festival.

  • NorthSide is a member of the interest group for venues and festivals in Denmark. Right now, Dansk Live, together with the National Board of Health, is running the campaign Music Against Drugs. It warns youths against drugs and excessive use of alcohol.